Shane Thorne on Feeling Jealous

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Shane Thorne on Feeling Jealous

Shane Thorne is currently working for WWE NXT. He was with Bryon Saxton for a storyline interview. The interview appeared on the WWE website. According to the storyline, Thorne is not happy about the NXT Breakout Tournament as it will give more TV time to the newer talents.

Thorne claims that this will actually take TV time away from "far more exciting and talented people who have been waiting longer. People such as myself." Then Throne was asked to respond to the fans who think that Thorne feels jealous and he doesn’t want other superstars to receive the same opportunities that he did.

He stated, “Yeah, I'm jealous, and anyone who's in a similar position as me would be a dirty liar if they said they weren't too. And let's back up a second. This isn't the same opportunity I had. My first match on NXT TV was against two men who would go on to become champions.

It's not like these Breakout guys who are being thrown softballs with flash-in-the-pan opponents who will never go anywhere." He was also asked to tell the fans about how he would treat himself if he was a NXT manager.

Thorne responded, "With much more respect! I'm talented, entertaining and damn dangerous. I'm a wanted man who should be the one in the spotlight, who should have the cameras on him and who should be getting the opportunities.

If anything, these so-called "Breakout Superstars" should be working their tails off for the opportunity to face me!"