NXT Star on Greatest Pro Wrestling Voice

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NXT Star on Greatest Pro Wrestling Voice

NXT Star Bobby Fish was active on Instagram recently. His post included a photo with Mauro Ranallo. The account that he used belonged to The Undisputed Era. He paid tribute to the NXT commentator. Fish stated that Ranallo is without doubt an inspiration for him.

He stated that Ranallo is the greatest voice of modern day sports entertainment. "The Bipolar Rock-N -Roller" is UNDISPUTED," wrote Fish. "Mauro Ranallo you my brother, are an inspiration to me. I have to remind myself that this is my life I'm living when I hear your iconic voice laying down the soundtrack to a match that I am a part of.

Truly one of a kind you are, and it is my honor to call you my friend. You sir, are the voice of NXT and as long as that is the case, I want to be nowhere else! Takeover: Toronto I hope you're ready.. #UE along with the greatest voice in modern-day sports/entertainment commentary will not disappoint!” A video of Ranallo can be found on WWE’s official YouTube.

Its title is, “These Mauro Ranallo reactions will make your day”. Professional wrestling can never be entertaining without good commentators. Many people watch professional wrestling just because they love the commentary.

The best commentators can make a bad match look good. These days, the current commentary team isn’t as good as the one the WWE had in the past.