Titus O'Neil shares what NXT means to him

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Titus O'Neil shares what NXT means to him

Titus O’Neil bared his soul in a recent appearance on the WINCLY podcast. The 42-year-old wrestler who was a part of NXT since its genesis on the pro-wrestling roster spoke about what the show meant to him. He also spoke about its evolution and its growth in the decade that it has been around.

“Obviously, where it was when I was coming up to where it is now is light years different,” opened up O’Neil. It's more of its own brand now, a traveling brand and some of our most decorated Superstars have come out of NXT.

I'm very proud of all the guys and young ladies who have come out of that system”. O’Neil’s first appearance on NXT was in its second season, and he was with the promotion for about two years in 2010-12.

He had previously signed a contract with the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2009. Speaking about his emotional attachment – and bias – for NXT, O’Neil went on to say, “I'll always be biased to my NXT because I always felt like we had it a lot different and a lot rougher… We appreciate it more and we appreciate the Superstars coming up in NXT the way it is now. We want them to appreciate it”.