Bray Wyatt on Husky Harris Character

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Bray Wyatt on Husky Harris Character

Bray Wyatt was known as Husky Harris way before he became the famous The Fiend. Husky Harris was a character that debuted at NXT, and Cody Rhodes was his mentor. The character was also a member of the heel group known as Nexus, which comprised of some popular WWE superstars of that time.

Recently, a fan posted on Twitter about the Harris character and stated that this is a “Wannabe” character. Wyatt responded to the fan and blamed Cody Rhodes for the character being ridiculed in front of the whole world.

Bray Wyatt tweeted, "@CodyRhodes did that. He was his partner. He trusted him. He was ridiculed in front of the world, for someone else's failed attempt at fame. It destroyed him. And from his ashes a butterfly was born. But the memory remains."

Bray Wyatt became famous in the WWE as the leader of the Wyatt Family. He used that group to feud with some of the best superstars in the WWE at that time and terrorized the entire WWE locker room. He became a solo performer after the group split.

As a solo wrestler, Wyatt continued his “Eater of Worlds” gimmick before he went on a long leave from the WWE. He recently returned with his new character called The Fiend and made his first in-ring appearance against Finn Balor. The Fiend is one of the most talked about characters in the WWE today.