Matt Riddle on Being Under Pressure

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Matt Riddle on Being Under Pressure

Matt Riddle is a former UFC fighter. He is one of the many UFC fighters that quit MMA to pursue a career in professional wrestling. Even some of the UFC's top stars such as Ronda rousey, jumped ship There is more money in professional wrestling and it is slightly less forgiving on a fighters body in the long run.

Matt Riddle is currently working for the WWE NXT brand. He is technically very good, and he regularly cuts entertaining promos on social media. Riddle is excited about NXT moving to the USA Network. He was on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Dropkick DiSKussions to talk about it.

He stated that he likes working under pressure. "I think I'm going to keep doing what I'm going to do but I think just because there's going to be more TV, more time; they're going to need more from us," said Riddle.

"We're going to see who can deliver on live TV, who can't and it is what it is. I'm stoked. I think it's a good challenge - not just for me but the rest of the locker room. "I like to be pushed, I like to be under pressure, I like to be in that situation, I like to sweat; I'm stoked.

I've been wanting to go on live TV since I started here” Matt Riddle is quite famous these days as he picked up a fight with legendary superstars such as Goldberg and Chris Jericho on social media.