Kevin Owens Returning to NXT

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Kevin Owens Returning to NXT

There are many storylines that look super real in the WWE. the creative team sometimes does pretty well and creates storylines that are super interesting. Even the best journalists in the world sometimes can’t figure out what is real and what is not.

That is the beauty of some storylines. Then there are others that actually damage the WWE brand and that is what the WWE is trying to get rid of these days. There are many superstars who can deliver good promos, but the creative team lets them down.

These days, Kevin Owens’ storyline is getting a lot of attention. He is one of the best baby faces that the company has and he might just be making his way back to NXT. NXT is where he started his career in the WWE. Owens was fired at the end of Clash of Champions by Shane McMahon.

He is now no longer part of Smackdown according to the storyline. He recently wrote, "14-24-20" on his Twitter. This a number that most likely means N-X-T. This is all just speculation though, but what lies next for Owens if not NXT.

After all, he was fired from Smackdown and is not barred from working for any other brand in the company. Kevin Ownes has been feuding with Shane McMahon for quite a while now. Owens cut a memorable promo on Shane a long time ago which fans still remember with fondness.