Swoggle on NXT's Evolution

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Swoggle on NXT's Evolution

Swoggle was known as Hornswoggle in the WWE. He is a little man and his character was never taken as a serious character. He was simply there in the WWE for comic relief, but he took part in some interesting storylines. Swoggle has spent most of the good part of his career in the WWE.

He was there when WWE NXT was still an evolving brand. It was regarded as WWE’s developmental brand, and didn’t really have a strong identity of its own. On the WINCLY podcast, he shared his thoughts on NXT’s evolution.

"NXT sure isn't like it was when I was there. It definitely wasn't as cool then as it is now," admitted Swoggle. "But it's the cool and hip wrestling right now and it's amazing to think of the guys they are giving chances to that 10 years ago would have been laughed at and not given a second of time.

"Wrestling is gonna be really interesting for the next couple of years. It's gonna be interesting to see how everything pans out." Some people go as far as to say that NXT is actually better than either RAW or Smackdown.

So far, Vince McMahon is not involved in the show’s creative process. That is why, NXT is very different and has its own identity these days. Some of the best indie stars start at NXT and continue there, even after many years.