Alexa Bliss on Talented NXT Wrestlers

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Alexa Bliss on Talented NXT Wrestlers

NXT is a wrestling promotion that is full of talented superstars. Some of the most famous WWE wrestlers these days started their careers in the WWE. NXT is doing extremely well these days and they are now part of the USA Network.

The WWE believes in NXT a lot and have pitted it against AEW’s weekly TV show, that will start airing in October. Alexa Bliss was part of NXT. She is now one of the most famous WWE superstars and is one of the most successful NXT female wrestlers back in the day.

Alexa Bliss spoke quite a bit about NXT and revealed the names of the talents that she likes. "Bianca [Blair] is athletic and has a ton of charisma," Bliss said. "I think she is really talented I watched the last TakeOver she was in, and it was incredible.

The Forgotten Sons also have a special place in my heart because of Blake, who is one of the most talented people they have in NXT. I really hope NXT going to the USA Network helps showcase that. All three in that group are great.

I like to see people who didn't get more opportunities before get an opportunity." NXT is now considered a legit brand and sometimes, it does better than Smackdown and RAW, because it is not under Vince McMahon at the moment. We do not know how long will this continue, but some people believe that NXT will if Vince gets his hands on it.