Triple H On USA Network Show

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Triple H On USA Network Show

WWE NXT completely its move to the USA Network. They are now a part of it and their weekly TV Show will be aired every Wednesday on the USA Network. WWE NXT has evolved over the years, and has become much more than a simple WWE Developmental Brand.

Now some of the best wrestlers of the world work at NXT. NXT is where some famous indie wrestlers start and go on to become WWE Champions. Some people even believe that NXT is a better product than RAW and Smakdown. Triple H shared his thoughts on the show: "I just stood in front of talent and said, hard to follow up what they just accomplished without saying anything that doesn't sound trite other than to say how proud I am of all of this," said Triple H.

"It's taking a long time to get here. This was a starting line, not the finish line. We went out there tonight on the number one network on cable television, USA, amazing partners” WWE really believes in NXT these days, as they have made NXT prepare to fight the AEW.

All Elite Wrestling start airing their weekly show on Wednesday as well. Their show will take place on TNT. AEW will have to really work hard to win the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars. This is the first time in a long time in which we have seen WWE actually be worried about another wrestling show.