Joaquin Wilde Injury Update

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Joaquin Wilde Injury Update

Injuries are the bad part of professional wrestling. They can end a wrestler’s career instantly. Most wrestlers get injured in the ring. They are usually a result of a badly performed move. Others get injured overtime. They continue to fight injured and make things worse for themselves.

Some wrestlers also lead dangerous lives and get injured after doing stupid things. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Joaquin Wilde will have to undergo eye socket surgery. He is a NXT Superstar and his eye socket got broken recently.

Wilde was DJZ in Impact Wrestling. Wilde reported that the injury happened during training and it was a freak accident. Doctors wanted to see if Wilde’s body would heal the injury itself. That is the reason why they didn’t put him on the operating table earlier.

They figured out that it wasn’t healing and now Wilde has no other choice but to get surgery done. DJZ made his debut at NXT Breakout Tournament. He was defeated by Angle Garza in the first round. He then wrestled in early August and lost to Shane Thorne.

Wilde is one of the many Impact Wrestling wrestlers that joined the WWE recently. Many wrestlers from Impact Wrestlers have done well in the WWE. Some of them are even one of the top wrestlers in the company. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Robert Roode are all former Impact Wrestling stars.