The Malicious Exclusive: Ryback History

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The Malicious Exclusive: Ryback History

Good Morning/afternoon/Evening, this is my first article and I am going to start it by saying I hope you enjoy my article and if you want then please post some comments about my article or what would you like me to do next even a review on a new superstar or something like that or even a show review (if you say NXT I will do it, even though I don’t like NXT that much) so without further interruption let me get on to the topic in hand.

This is a short opinion about Ryback from me and after this I will give some history. As we all know really well, that Ryback has been given a bad gimmick. I mean if you even think about it who would want to act like a second Goldberg? I mean it is really disgusting how can WWE even think about recreating a legend, Goldberg’s qualities are unimaginable and can’t be copied by someone who is not and will not train side by side with Goldberg, and I think this “Feed me more” type of line it’s non-sense at-least make it four words or five like “Feed me more blood” or something like that and also Goldberg had an amazing finisher that Goldberg spear, If Ryback could’ve mastered it than I would literally stop watching WWE, but we do have to give some credit to WWE for at-least trying to make Ryback something, but I like the determination of Ryback with that never quit attitude and skills of a powerhouse, he is very weak and drained out like at Survivor Series he nearly won but if he had some more stamina he could’ve whipped the rookies out of the arena, his outfit is not enjoyable he could improve it more with some blood writing on his shirts and gear to make the opponents more scared of him.

Now that was my short opinion of Ryback, time to go back in the past to where we see who was Ryback? And how did he start his way up the ladder to the point he is now. Ryback stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall, he is from Sin city, he was in the eight finalists in tough enough season 4 and he was a participant in NXT in the first season, he was under the name Skip Sheffield (I prefer that his name was that instead of this Ryback name) He also was in development territories Deep South Wrestling Ohio Valley Wrestling and FCW,in 2008 Ryback made his in ring debut in FCW and tagged with John Cutler against Kris Logan and Taylor Rotunda, later on he formed a tag team with Sheamus O’Shaunessy (who is later known as Sheamus in WWE), Ryback and Sheamus O’Shaunessy lost two matches for the Florida Wrestling Championship Tag titles, after that Sheamus was asked to join the main eventers in FCW while Ryback was just left like that as scrap, so Ryback had no choice and left for a while, later he came back as Skip Sheffield and defeated Jimmy Uso.

Ryback made his official TV debut to WWE in late December of 2010 when he was announced as one of the eight competitors in NXT first season, his trainer or “pro” as they call in NXT to persons mentor was William Regal.

Sometime in April 2012, Skip picked up his first victory against Daniel Bryan, later on he teamed with William Regal in a tag team match against Justin Gabriel and Matt Hardy. But sadly on 11th May 2010 he was eliminated from the competition by the Mentor, he was one of the three eliminates that night.

But that did not stop there, in June 7 on a main event match featuring John Cena and CM Punk, Skip and along with the other Rookies, the leader of the group Wade Barrett who won the NXT season 1 attacked them inside the ring, they took out the announcing team and also broke the cover of the barricade and announcing table, the even tore down the entire ring, on June 14th they attacked the General Manager of RAW Bret Hart , because the GM did not give them the contracts the say they “Earned”, there was an anonymous GM who emailed that they will have consequences, that year on Summerslam the team “Nexus” consisting of Skip and the other rookies faced the team WWE which consisted of John Cena, John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan and Edge, In that match Skip Sheffield got two eliminations and on August 18 during a Live event, Skip broke an ankle in a tag team with his partner David Otunga against The Hart Dynasty.

Skip was out for five months and later came back in 2012 January where he faced Heath Slater in a Dark match (raw) on January 6 came back to Smackdown with this gimmick of the second Goldberg and his old name of Ryback and defeats Jimmy Uso in a dark match, lets now fast forward to the current time and a bit before when Ryback was given a title shot at CM Punk’s WWE championship at Hell in a Cell, he got that opportunity when John Cena gave out on the match with CM Punk to give a chance to Ryback, he lost the match due to unfair reasons as CM Punk hit Ryback with a low blow and The referee did a quick count and Ryback lost the match, Few weeks later the challenge was announced of John Cena verses Ryback verses CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, CM Punk tried to avoid the match but he just couldn’t, but unfortunately CM Punk won due to the interference of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns they attacked Ryback when he was about to be victorious in the match.

Thank you for reading my article, this is my first article so if you want anything else to be added or me to make article on another topic you can comment down here in the comment section below, Goodbye and take care!