Toni Storm reveals the secret behind her ring name

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Toni Storm reveals the secret behind her ring name

Toni Storm is undoubtedly one of the great revelations of 2018, thanks to the skills and charisma shown on the NXT UK brand. In a recent interview with Sport Bible, Toni explained how her ring name was created. “Ha-ha!

Well, it changed to Toni Storm when I first moved out to the UK, so I was about 17 and I just got landed with it because I was originally just Storm. I got given that [name] when I was 13 and I stuck with it. "It was because, to be honest, my grandmother thought it would be really cool.

And I was debuting quite soon after training, so I needed a name fast and I went through every name and then my grandmother just thought it was great!” Storm explained. On the NXT UK brand: “There’s definitely a lot of pressure and it’s definitely very difficult to deal with because, yeah, there’s a lot of weight on my shoulders and a lot of pressure to be the best in any locker room.

But I just keep doing my thing. I keep pushing through. I figured that if I can come from nothing in Australia all the way to NXT UK, then there’s no limit to what I can do. So I just need to keep pushing like I always have done”.