Finn Balor on Finding His Heart on Return to NXT

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Finn Balor on Finding His Heart on Return to NXT

Finn Balor will be on WWE NXT next week. The episode will take place on Wednesday. A new vignette was released by the WWE which featured the former NXT Champion. He issued a warning to all members of the NXT roster. Balor spoke about finding his heart.

"When your life comes to a crossroads, the only way to find a path to take is to revisit the ones you've walked before," Balor said. "How did you get here? Did your footsteps leave the world in a better place? Or did your missteps leave the world covered in darkness, egos, mistakes, errors? Re-trace your steps to find your heart.

I have. Next week, my future will be my past." Balor was placed back in NXT after he lost to The Fiend. He was originally part of the main roster and was one of the top RAW superstars. We do not know what the plans are, so we have no idea what Balor will be up to next week.

All we know is that the WWE is sensing trouble. WWE NXT has not been able to beat All Elite Wrestling Dynamite so far. The WWE moved NXT to the USA Network to battle AEW Dyanamite. It is AEW who are winning so far in the Wednesday Night Wars.

There is a good chance that Balor will continue his feud with Adam Cole that he started ever since his return. The feud is definitely something to look forward to as the WWE tries to beat AEW.