Mia Yim comments on her road to NXT

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Mia Yim comments on her road to NXT

NXT superstar Mia Yim was recently interviewed by WWE.com, where she reflected on her road to NXT and much more. “I was told when I first started wrestling that I’d never make it. I had my first WWE tryout in 2014.

It felt like volleyball conditioning with all the cardio work! I felt prepared for it and enjoyed every minute of those three days. I was told “not now,” which motivated me even more to get here. In October 2014, I had a short match against Charlotte Flair.

She’s incredible! It was a great learning experience because it was my first time doing any TV work and I developed a friendship with her. "I also got to finally meet Natalya, who gave me advice that helps drive me to this day.

From 2014 to 2015, I did extra work like being a rosebud for Adam Rose. I got to do that alongside my best friend, Leva Bates. "We were able to do a few tryout matches before the shows where we received tips and critiques, so I would try to really absorb everything the coaches and other people watching the matches would tell me" - Mia explained.

She also added: “Traveling definitely prepared me. I’d never been a fan of traveling, because growing up with my dad, we had to move around a lot for his job. Now being older, I appreciate different places and cultures.

I was able to learn different styles — British style in the U.K. or joshi strong style in Japan — and incorporate it in my arsenal. It also helped my body adapt to the road life”.