Finn Balor on Surprising the Crowd

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Finn Balor on Surprising the Crowd

Finn Balor is a master of cutting good promos and is able to work the crowd well during matches. He is a former WWE Universal Champion and is one of the WWE’s top talents. He was recently sent back to NXT. NXT was here he first originally began his WWE career.

He is now trying his best to make NXT famous so that they can beat AEW Dynamite. Many people were surprised to see him at NXT. The WWE is doing whatever they can to get good viewership numbers so that they can put pressure on AEW Dynamite.

Balor spoke to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated about going back to NXT. He also spoke about his heel turn and how he got a reaction from the crowd. "That was emotion," Balor said. "It's very easy to walk out and get a reaction from a crowd, get a pop or a 'This is awesome!' or a 'Holy s---!' But to generate shock and create real emotion is something that is very rare.

At the end of the TV show, they hit my music. When I went backstage, the producer told me that the only reason they hit my music was because there was zero audible noise in the venue. People were so in shock that there was no noise, and they were afraid that was going to translate poorly on TV, so they hit the music. The plan was to go out to boos, but that's not what we got. We got pure, emotional silence."