Toni Storm Talks About Working with Triple H

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Toni Storm Talks About Working with Triple H

Toni Storm is one of the top wrestlers of NXT UK. NXT has produced some top wrestlers over the past few years, and some of them have performed really well on the main roster. Toni Storm gave an interview to in which she covered a few things about NXT UK.

When she was asked about the impact that NXT UK had on women’s wrestling, she responded by saying. “We've had so many hidden gems in the women's division in the UK that haven't been able to, you know, be on the grand stage that is NXT UK in WWE.

So, NXT UK is gonna be able to show the world what incredible hidden gems we have for women's wrestling”. She was later asked in the interview about Triple H and how it feels like to work with him. She responded by saying, “It's incredible.

He's the man. He's been there and he's done it all. He's someone who I was such a huge fan of for so many years and then I get to meet him, get advice from him, work with him. And it's just incredible. I feel like in just a short time that I've been able to grab some advice off him I've learnt so much just from those little bits.

I'm very lucky; I'm very blessed to be able to work with literally the best of the best and it's helped me so much”.