Tomasso Ciampa on Starting in WWE

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Tomasso Ciampa on Starting in WWE

Tomasso Ciampa is a former Indie star. He is now an NXT star. Ciampa made a few appearances fo the WWE when he was 20 years old. That was back in 2005. He was one of Muhammad Hassan’s lawyers. That was during the time Hassan was feuding with The Undertaker.

He came face to face with The Undertaker that time. He was attacked in his first-ever WWE appearance by The Undertaker. He spoke about that day with State of Combat podcast. "I was 20 at the time, they happened to be in town and at that time I was living close to Boston, Massachusetts.

I believe that the show wasn't that far from me. I was training at Killer Kowalski's old place, and at that time it was the Chaotic Training Center but now it is the New England Training Academy, but we were kind of the feeding ground.

Anytime WWE was in the northeast area that is who they would call," said Ciampa. "They would call them for extra talent." Ciampa stated that he was not large enough at that time and WWE considered size during that era.

He stated that he was at the right place at the right time as they were looking for someone small. He was one of the three that made it over there. "Luckily for me, I have always felt comfortable around the microphone, so in that part I wasn't nervous, particularly because I had a script that I was reading off of because I was acting like a lawyer that day so I didn't even have to memorize the lines," said Ciampa.