Cody Rhodes on NXT Beating AEW Dynamite

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Cody Rhodes on NXT Beating AEW Dynamite

This is indeed sad news for the AEW fans! NXT won this week and managed to beat AEW in viewership numbers. This is the first time NXT has won. The Wednesday Night Wars started in October, and since then AEW Dynamite won every single week.

This week NXT drew 916,000 viewers on the USA Network. AEW Dynamite drew 893,000 viewers. NXT’s viewership numbers were 2.6% higher than that of AEW’s. Cody spoke about AEW’s seven-week winning streak. The streak has now ended and AEW will have to work really hard now.

A twitter user asked him about his thoughts, to which he replied, “Take it on the chin, learn from it, get up off the mat and get to work. Excuses are for assholes." Even though NXT won the night this week, AEW beat them in the 18-49 demographics by a massive 30%.

They achieved a 0.39 rating, whereas NXT got a 0.30 rating. In the past, AEW beat NXT by an even larger margin. Could this mark the beginning of the fall of AEW, just like some experts predicted? There are so many people who want AEW to win, simply because they are sick of seeing WWE rule the professional wrestling world.

If AEW does not bounce back, the dreams of many will be shattered. After so many years, the WWE has some real competition and it might sadly come to an end in a few years if this continues.