Triple H on NXT Invasion Frequency

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Triple H on NXT Invasion Frequency

Smackdown now airs on FOX. According to reports, the deal is worth several millions of dollars. Many people believed that WWE will not adhere to the brand split and will have regular crossovers. That has been true so far. Before Survivor Series, superstars from all of the three WWE brands appeared on almost all of the shows.

So people might wonder, “What was the brand split for then?” Triple H was asked whether these crossovers will still happen after Survivor Series. He spoke about it during a media call and stated that it won’t be a regular thing.

"I don't think that is the intent, not that it won't happen. But the intent is for NXT to be what it's been and that's be a standalone brand," said Triple H. "It's a different feel and texture than Raw and SmackDown.

This is a moment in time with Survivor Series becoming that one time a year where all of these brands can go against one another. "I think the split will be more defined after Sunday." He believes that NXT invasion angle was one of the most exciting things that have happened in recent times.

We believe that the main roster stars will start invading NXT now, as the WWE managed to beat AEW Dynamite after some main roster superstars invaded NXT. We predict that this will keep happening for some time.