Adam Cole Says He is The Best

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Adam Cole Says He is The Best

A number of highly skilled professional wrestlers claim that they are the best. For the most part, they say it as part of the promo. Other times, they genuinely believe that they are the best. Wrestlers need to beat each other in the ring to prove who is the best.

Of course, the creative team decides who will win, but a wrestler can still perform very well to get a good reaction from the crowd. Adam Cole recently wrestled Pete Dunne at this year’s Survivor Series. Cole wrestled Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins a few weeks ago and appeared on both flagship shows.

He said that he is the best professional wrestler in the world during a recent interview. "This past month - not 24 hours - but month, I have shown the world that I am the best pro wrestler on the planet," Cole said.

"Nobody is better than me, no championship is more prestigious. I proved that at Survivor Series and I will continue over and over and over again to prove it. Hurt or not, banged up or not, nobody can stop me because I am the freakin' man.

I am the freakin' show and most notably, I am undisputed!" Adam Cole has really come a long way. Getting into the ring with some of the best WWE stars is a huge achievement. That has really boosted his career and fans now know about him. We can expect him to be pushed even further by the WWE now.