Corey Graves on KENTA Comments

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Corey Graves on KENTA Comments

KENTA is a popular NJPW star. He posted a photo yesterday on Twitter. He was met by a reply from Corey Graves. He wrote, “Did you come back to show everyone your NEW gimmick?" KENTA wrote back by saying, “Who the f*ck are you??” Graves received a lot of backlash over his comments on Twitter.

He responded to the comments on Twitter by saying this: "Enough is enough. You are all literally the dumbest, saddest human beings on the planet. @KENTAG2S is my friend IN REAL LIFE. Get the f*ck over yourselves for missing the joke and go back to outraging over, I dunno, ANYTHING important."

One fan brought up the Mauro Ranallo situation by saying, “You didn’t respond this fast to Mauro”. He replied by saying, “Why would I respond on Twitter to someone who isn’t on Twitter?” Corey Graves is a very controversial figure.

He is now a full-time commentator and even has his own podcast called, After the Bell. He stands out very well as he is a full tattooed wrestler. Corey Graves has been part of many news headlines these days. He has managed to keep himself very relevant and popular, even though he is just a commentator now. He has an awesome physique and is loved for his outspokenness and ability to call matches really well.