Riddick Moss Returns to The Ring

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Riddick Moss Returns to The Ring

NXT superstar, Riddick Moss, made a return to wrestling after being severely injured. He has returned much earlier than expected and is extremely happy to say that he recovered "faster than any athlete from any sport ever."

He suffered a torn Achilles heel five months back. The injury required an estimated eight months to completely heel. But Moss took only 5 months and came back and tweeted the following: “Id like to be the 1st to congratulate you on last night.

What you’ve done is nothing short of extraordinary. Returning from a ruptured achilles tendon in 5 months, faster than any athlete from any sport ever, is truly incredible. You’re an inspiration Riddick Moss#RiddickRegimen” Moss returned at a live NXT event on Friday that was being held at Jacksonville, Florida.

Matt Riddle was attacked by him when Riddle was cutting a promo. The two wrestlers would square off against each other later during the event. Moss lost the match via submission. Moss joined the WWE in 2014 and debuted in December that year.

Tino Sabbatelli was his tag team partner up until 2016, when Sabbatelli got injured. Their tag team eventually split due to both, Sabbatelli and Moss, suffering injuries that required a long time to heal. His recent return deserves all the praise as a torn Achilles heel is a serious injury.