Rhea Ripley Praises Shanya Baszler and Talks about Celebration

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Rhea Ripley Praises Shanya Baszler and Talks about Celebration

Rhea Ripley is the current NXT Women’s Champion. She defeated Shayna Baszler for the title quite recently. As soon as Rhea won, a celebration started in the arena. Defeating Shayna is no easy task and she is is a legit catch wrestler and was trained by the awesome Josh Barnett.

Rhea was interviewed by Sports Illustrated recently. She spoke about Shayna Baszler and stated that she is one of the toughest opponents she has ever faced. "Shayna is definitely a bad ass, she's credible, and she deserved to hold the title for so long," Ripley said.

"It's hard to describe, it's more of a natural feeling, but stepping into the ring with her taught me a lot about myself and what we do in the ring." She also spoke about her celebration after she won the title and what went through her mind.

"I don't really get picked up too often, so I was absolutely terrified," she admitted. "At one point, they put me up on the corner of the ring, and I looked into the crowd and saw this fan named Kyle, who is always at all of our shows and everyone knows as the 'Florida Wrestling Fan.’” Only a few wrestlers in WWE can surf the crowd easily.

Wrestlers usually try their best to stay out of the crowd and try to just keep themselves in the ring. Some wrestlers have been assaulted by the fans in the past and that can be a serious problem for some wrestlers.