Fandango Out Due to Injury

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Fandango Out Due to Injury

Fandango appears to be injured again and might not be able to compete for a significant amount of time. Fandango recently posted a picture and we saw his arm in a sling. It was on his Instagram account. He had to get Tommy John surgery done on his elbow.

"My dreams of pitching in the @mlb are kinda over.... #tommyjohn #nipple," he wrote. An NXT injury Report was released on the 12th of December. It indicated that Fandango may have suffered a dislocated elbow. He teamed up with Tyler Breeze and they defeated the Sing Brothers on the 11th of December.

The NXT episode took place on the USA Network. According to reports, he was sent to the Emergency Room for imagining, but no updates were released. The WWE has not updated their injury report to indicate this recent injury. According to his Insta post, he might not be able to compete for a long-time again.

He has to spend nearly 12 months on the shelf to recover from a left labrum tear in his shoulder. He returned on the 31st of July and saved Tyler Breeze that day. They formed the Breezango team as soon as he returned. We last saw Fandango wrestle the Singh Brothers.

Breeze has wrestled in a few live events, but without Fandango. We do not know how bad the injury is, but we will keep you updated.