Rhea Ripley’s 2019 Recap and Achievements

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Rhea Ripley’s 2019 Recap and Achievements

Rhea Ripley is the current NXT Women’s Champion. She recently won the title by beating the extremely talented Shanya Baszler, who is a legitimate catch wrestler and former MMA Fighter. Rhea was active on Twitter and posted about her 2019.

She has achieved quite a lot in her career so far. She started her 2019 as the first-ever NXT UK women’s champion. She lost her title to Toni Storm after competing in her first-ever NXT UK Takeover event. She was also part of the Royal Rumble and entered the Royal Rumble at number 24.

She was the captain of the Women's WarGames team in the first-ever Women's WarGames match. She was the captain of the Women’s Team at Survivor Series that represented NXT. As said before, she recently beat the extremely tough Shanya Baszler for the NXT Women’s Title.

According to her Twitter post, she is looking forward to 2020 and believes that her 2019 was actually pretty decent. This is the post: “Started 2019 as the First ever NXT UK Women’s Champion .Competed in the First ever NXT UK TakeOver .No.

24 in the Royal Rumble .Captain for the First ever Women’s WarGames .Women’s Captain for Team NXT in Survivor Series match .NEW NXT Women’s Champion” Rhea is most likely going to be pushed by the WWE and will stay in NXT for a while. NXT needs to push a few superstars to give AEW a tough time.