Baron Corbin on Protecting End of Days

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Baron Corbin on Protecting End of Days

Baron Corbin is currently known as “King Corbin” and is one of the most hated heels in the WWE right now. He recently spoke about Sportskeeda about his finisher called “End of Days”. Baron Corbin’s Finisher is kind of like a reverse STO.

Pete Dunne uses a move that is very similar to Baron’s finisher and is known as “Bitter End”. Corbin spoke about how he had a chat with the legendary wrestler, The Undertaker, about protecting his finishing move and making sure that nobody kicks out of it.

"I 100% do [know the move is special] and you know, I had a conversation with 'Taker about that," Corbin explained. "He really made the Tombstone something very special. Nobody kicked out of it for a long time, and he held it very sacred.

So that was something I took to heart and something I wanted to do with it because nobody's ever kicked out of 'End of Days' When it lands, it's over and people know it." He also spoke about how he came up with the move at NXT.

"At NXT we have like a crash pad ring where you can go in and just try stuff," Corbin said. "I was just messing around with somebody and they jumped, and I caught him, and kind of hit it while just playing around.

As soon as we landed I was like, 'Oh man... That was something cool.' When it happened, you immediately knew."