Toni Storm on Winning Mae Young Classic

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Toni Storm on Winning Mae Young Classic

Toni Storm is one of WWE’s rising superstars. She is part of NXT UK. She is also quite glamorous which is the reason why she has a very huge fan base. Toni Storm has also made it clear that she wants to be called to the main roster.

She wants to fight the best WWE female wrestlers that are part of the main roster. Toni was part of the Mae Young Classic 2018. She won the tournament. She was a guest on the Lillian Garcia podcast where she spoke about her victory.

She stated that she couldn’t believe it if it wasn’t recorded. "It's like a dream now, to be honest. Thank God there's video evidence because otherwise, I wouldn't have believed it," stated Storm.

It was the biggest thing at the time that I had ever done, it was like, little Toni just casually on a pay per view winning a big tournament. I didn't believe I was going to win until I was through the curtain because I was like if this changes, I'm going to be devastated.

So, I just said nothing and went about it but it was the best moment of my life. It completely changed me because it was if I can do this, I can do anything." Many female superstars were part of that tournament as well. Even the great Tessa Blanchard was part of a Mae Young Classic.