MJF Talks About Cody Rhodes Stipulation

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MJF Talks About Cody Rhodes Stipulation

MJF is a top All Elite Wrestling heel and one of the best performers in the roster. MJF started his career in AEW has a babyface along with Cody Rhodes. He was Cody’s best friend and worked with him a number of times in the ring.

He turned heel as soon as he turned on Cody during a PPV event. MJF is part of a big AEW storyline. He will most likely fight Cody Rhodes in the near future in a brutal match. This week, MJF announced the stipulations for his match against Cody Rhodes.

This week was the AEW Dynamite: Homecoming episode. He stated that he will fight Cody on AEW Revolution on February 29. That event will take place inside the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Another three stipulations that were added to the match were: Cody cannot attack MJF before the match.

Cody needs to fight Wardlow and beat him. Cody needs to get whipped by MJF ten times on all fours. So far, Cody has not responded to his terms, but he will most likely say yes. AEW is well known for its extremely violent and often deathmatch like matches which the hardcore wrestling fans enjoy.

No other mainstream promotion holds the sort of matches that the AEW holds and the level of violence is just insane. The WWE stopped doing violent matches ever since they went PG.