Keith Lee Talks about Winning a Shot

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Keith Lee Talks about Winning a Shot

Last night, an exciting WWE NXT main event took place. In the main event, Keith Lee was the one that got his arm raised. It was a Fatal 4 way match and Cameron Grimes, Damian Priest, and Dominik Dijakovic were the participants.

The winner would get a title shot for the NXT Nrth American Title. The Title is currently held by Roderick Strong. The title match will bake place on the 22nd of January. Lee spoke about getting his title shot to Jon Quasto. He was asked whether he will be able to give Strong a tough time.

"What kind of threat? Let me ask you a question - what does it mean when a specimen such as Keith Lee pins Roderick Strong? Don't answer that. What does it mean when a specimen like Keith Lee pins Adam Cole? What does it mean when I don't get an opportunity in either one of those cases.

Each time I have to prove my time further, I have to beat someone else to get to the person I've already pinned, but now that wait is over. I've pinned him, I've pinned the next person and he's going to be the next person that I pin in the future.

And I will tell you this - my confidence level is just like me: limitless," Lee declared. Keith Lee is a talented wrestler and moves quite well for a guy of his size.