Triple H discusses the NXT UK TV deal

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Triple H discusses the NXT UK TV deal

From its birth in March 2010 to August 2012, NXT was a wrestling themed reality show, but later it became a traditional wrestling program and a real development territory connected with WWE, so much so as to be considered by some like the third WWE roster like Raw and SmackDown (as it was for the ECW from 2006 to 2010), having from December 2016 (when a tournament was announced by Triple H to declare the inaugural holder of the WWE United Kingdom Championship) also a second British television program NXT UK, which officially debuted in July 2018, with its own exclusive roster from the United Kingdom.

During an interview with The Mirror, Triple H discussed the NXT UK TV deal: “Being able to give a showcase to a brand that is exceptional. The talent, when you go down the talent roster of NXT UK, of what is there now, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Walter, Jordan Devlin, Gallus – that whole group – Dave Mastiff, Eddie Dennis, Ilja Dragunov, Imperium, I could go on and on… I’m missing people that are massively talented, you look at the women, Piper Nivin, Kay Lee Ray, Toni Storm… the roster is deep, the talent are incredible.

NXT UK is a phenomenal in-ring product and a great show, so I’m excited to showcase that to the world. I’m excited to showcase those extraordinary talents to a larger audience, to expose them to the UK, to expose them all around the world actually.

And I don’t want to stop there with it, I would like that brand to be a worldwide, world known brand and grow all of this. There’s room for all of it and then to be able to replicate that in other places as well is the long term goal”.