Keith Lee on Winning NXT North American Title

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Keith Lee on Winning NXT North American Title

WWE NXT’s main event took place recently. It was shown on the USA Network. During the event, Kieth Lee squared off against Roderick Strong for the NXT North American Title. Lee appeared in a video that was posted on YouTube.

He showed off his new custom side plates that are on the title. Jon Questo interviewed him backstage in the video. Quasto spoke about Lee’s rise fo the top of the company and how he became the new NXT North American Champion.

Lee stated that this is just the start and he will continue to get better. He was also seen limping away from the interview to sell the leg kicks he took from Strong in the match. "You're correct in the majority of what you said, but you said 'to cap off,'" Lee said.

"Mr. Q, let me educate you on something about Keith Lee. If you saw the battle that happened out there, four men trying to take down one limitless specimen, a deity, if you will, and you see the result. "All it takes is an opportunity.

Cap off? No sir. I'm just getting started. You see, now there was a great end to 2019, a fantastic beginning to the year 2020, but we don't stop here”. This title means a lot for Lee as he wasn’t really doing very well in the company a couple of months ago.