Bianca Belair On Making Main Roster Debut

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Bianca Belair On Making Main Roster Debut

Bianca Belair is currently one of the most popular NXT superstars in the world. Just like many other popular superstars before her, she might get called to the main roster one day. Many of her fans might actually want to see her there as she has a very unique move set and is super entertaining Belair recently revealed that she is quite happy working for NXT.

Her husband, Montez Ford has already made his main roster debut. She was a guest on Lilian Garcia’s podcast. Over there she revealed that the doesn’t want to rush things. "I think that is the main goal, that we all strive for (on being called up to the main roster)," Belair addressed.

"But, I have to say, that I absolutely love NXT. There's just something about NXT that it's just a different atmosphere and it's a different feeling, and of course, it's my home. I'm a homegrown talent, so of course with NXT, I hold it near and dear to my heart...I look forward to hopefully one day going to Raw or SmackDown.

I hope it comes soon, but I know that I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, and it'll come." Her husband is part of the Street Profits and is a popular superstar. Belair, on the other hand, wants to continue to dominate NXT and grow her fan base.