Kurt Angle on NXT Matches Being Different

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Kurt Angle on NXT Matches Being Different

NXT was widely known as WWE’s developmental brand. It wasn’t even a live show at one time. It was placed on the USA Network last year to compete with AEW Dynamite. That started something called the Wednesday Night Wars.

NXT is slowly and steadily becoming almost as popular as the flagship WWE shows, RAW and Smackdown. Some people believe that NXT is actually much better than RAW and Smackdown as wrestlers are given more freedom to do whatever they want.

Kurt Angle was with Sporskeeda recently. He spoke about NXT and how it is different from RAW and Smackdown. "I think NXT is a great brand. I think Triple H has done an incredible job with that. But you know what? It is still the 'training ground' for RAW and SmackDown," stated Angle.

"These guys might have a little more leeway than the guys on RAW and SmackDown. They get more time in their matches than the guys on RAW and SmackDown. If you watch any NXT TakeOver, every match is 30 minutes. Guys and girls on RAW and SmackDown, they don't get that kind of time so I wouldn't say they are the better product, I would say they have more freedom on what they want to do."

It is true that most of the best NXT wrestlers are eventually called to the main roster where they are paid very well and also fight the best WWE wrestlers.