Johnny Gargano on sharing the NXT locker room with guys he’s known for years

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Johnny Gargano on sharing the NXT locker room with guys he’s known for years

During his career, Johnny Gargano won the NXT Championship and the NXT North American Championship. With the victory of the NXT Championship in 2019, Gargano became the first winner of the Triple Crown of NXT. After making sporadic appearances for WWE early in his career, Gargano took part in the company's tryout camp in June 2015.

Afterwards, he began appearing regularly for NXT, eventually signing a contract in April 2016. He formed a tag team, #DIY, with Tommaso Ciampa, and held the NXT Tag Team Championship once. Interviewed by Corey Graves on After the Bell, he commented on sharing the NXT locker room and stage with guys he’s known for years: “I think that’s the coolest thing is, we’ve all been talking about this for so many years.

Like you mentioned, we’ve known each other for like 12 years. I’ve known a lot of the guys that are on the NXT roster for probably like 10 years as well. And it’s all filled with guys who have talked about this moment.

Talked about making it to WWE and kind of doing what we do. And I think that’s also wild thing, is we’re just doing what we do. It’s not like any of us have changed that much. It’s not like we’ve had to be completely repackaged, or retooled, or renamed or anything like that.

A lot of it is us doing what we did on the indies, doing it on national television. Which is wild that I’m able to do that with guys that I consider friends, guys that I consider close to me."