Pete Dunne discusses the story of their tag team

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Pete Dunne discusses the story of their tag team

Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis are co-founders of Defend Indy Wrestling, a clothing line designed specifically for independent wrestling enthusiasts. Inspired by the "DEFEND Pop Punk" message propagated by the American band Man Overboard, the trio created the brand in 2011, producing shirts, sweatshirts and other accessories.

He is also a one-time and the longest-reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion, with his reign lasting 685 days. He continues to compete on the independent circuit, most notably in Progress Wrestling, where he is a former Progress World Champion.

In an interview with, he discussed the story of their tag team: “The story for us is our tag team is a little thrown together. We don’t want to be a short- lived thing. We want to be around for a long time, and it’s sort of a changing of the guard in NXT.

Undisputed Era had a great run, but now it’s our time to build the tag team division behind us. If I had it my way it would be Moustache Mountain. To share a moment like that with those lads, or with anyone from the UK whether it’s the Grizzled Young Vets or people like that, being able to share the success that comes with the growth of NXT UK with lads from over there that I grew up with either helped train or wrestled a million times, that’s what’s special”.