Lio Rush discusses his new single

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Lio Rush discusses his new single

Lio Rush is an American wrestler currently under contract with WWE, where he fights on the roster of NXT and 205 Live. In WWE he once held the NXT Cruiserweight Championship with a 63-day reign. He is best known for his time as the manager of Bobby Lashley.

Before WWE, he was known for his time in Ring of Honor (ROH), where he was the winner of the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament, as well as his time in Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), where he was the former CZW World Heavyweight Champion and a former two-time CZW Wired Champion.

On the September 17 episode of Raw, Rush became the hype man and manager of Bobby Lashley and was responsible for turning Lashley heel when he encouraged him to attack Kevin Owens multiple times after their match on October 8.

Rush then would later help Bobby Lashley capture his first Intercontinental Championship in a triple threat match against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, when Rush distraced Rollins, allowing Lashley to spear Ambrose and pin him for the title.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, he discussed his new single: “Craved for Blood began during my time away from the WWE when my mind was in a tenuous space, all over the place, and that’s the vibe that created the song.

I went through a negative place, and I worked to harness that and put it in the song. The entire song is a code that people have to crack. A line that means a lot to me is, ‘These tricky minds deep inside, we all think alike.’ Every job has its stresses, and the entertainment field is stressful.

People need to find a release. A creative outlet for me outside of wrestling is my music. This music video is my escape, it’s me escaping. People will hold you down in life if you let them”.