Lio Rush on Not Being Part of Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

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Lio Rush on Not Being Part of Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

Lio Rush is a very controversial WWE wrestler. His attitude backstage is well documented, and he is known to think very highly of himself. According to various reports, he believes that he should be the top guy in WWE. Lio Rush is not part of the eight-man round-robin tournament that will decide the interim NXT-Cruiserweight Champion.

He recently reacted on social media about it. The people who will be in the tournament include, Kushida, Drake Maverick, Tony Nese, Jake Atlas, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, El Hijo del Fantasma, Akira Tozawa, and Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Lio Rush went on Twitter just after the announcement and asked WWE if it was an April’s Fool joke. Lio tweeted, "Is this still April fools!? Face with tears of joy. No Man Of The Hour? No 25-year-old piece of gold? No Versace Doctor? No Former Cruiserweight Champion? No LIO MF RUSH!?" After that, he tweeted, "No game......No toy.....

No Cruiserweight championship tournament. @WWE y'all want to tell me something?" Lio Rush was the NXT Cruiserweight Champion last year. He held the title for a total of 63 days and dropped it to Angel Graza on the 11th of December.

The tournament will start this Wednesday on NXT. NXT is till part of the Wednesday Night Wars, even though AEW Dynamite will not be holding shows as regularly as they used to due to the pandemic. AEW even had to postpone their Double or Nothing PPV event as they do not wish to continue and put their wrestlers at risk.

AEW Dynamite was still ahead of NXT in ratings and it continued to dominate the hardcore wrestling world. Their product has a unique feel which WWE does not have right now.