Scarlett Bordeaux in NXT Storyline

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Scarlett Bordeaux in NXT Storyline

Scarlett Bordeaux is a very well-known indie wrestler. She is one of the most active indie wrestlers outside of WWE and has a huge fan base. Just like many other famous indie wrestlers, she has wrestled for the most famous indie promotions as well.

Scarlett has never had a serious run in WWE. These days, WWE is looking for new talent and it appears that Scarlett will actually be part of WWE soon. She will be the mystery woman in Killer Kross’ WWE storyline. Killer Kross is known as Karrion Kross in WWE.

He is also Scarlett’s real-life boyfriend. A new video package was released recently. In the video, Kross and Scarlett were present. Scarlett issued a warning to NXT during that video. The video also showed a few shots of the brutal attack that was ditched out to Tommasso Ciampa.

Bryon Saxton confirmed that the name of the woman with Kross is called Scarlett. He did not take her last name though, but we are quite sure that it is Scarlett Bordeaux. Probably WWE will not actually use her last name. We do not know what WWE has planned for Kross and Scarlett and how far their actual storyline will go.

We know that WWE and Scarlett signed a deal in November but they did not use her immediately. Kross is a former Impact Wrestling star and he was very famous over there. His exit from the company was far from pleasant, but he was one of the most sought after wrestlers in the world.

Kross has an amazing move set and he rarely botches moves. Scarlett is an average wrestler, but she makes up for that by being extremely charming and is great at cutting promos. She can also easily hang around with male wrestlers in the ring and has fought a few male wrestlers during her time on the indies.