Drake Maverick on WWE Future

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Drake Maverick on WWE Future

This week, WWE NXT took place on the USA Network. The tournament to crown an Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion continued this week. Drake Maverick took on Tony Nese during the episode. They both have a 0-1 record. The tournament is a round-robin style tournament The WWE actually released Drake on the 15th of April along with many other superstars.

He was part of the company-wide cuts that the WWE was forced to do after the coronavirus pandemic. Drake has been allowed to work in the last three matches of the tournament. He lost to John Atlast last week. He only has one more match after the Nese match remaining.

WWE has mentioned Drake’s release as part of his storyline. McKenzie Mitches spoke to Drake just outside the WWE Performance Center. Drake spoke about his loss to Atlast and how well he is prepared for this week’s match.

"Well it was pretty public that I came into this tournament with a lot of fire in my eyes," Drake said. "But the match with Jake Atlas last week brought me back down to Earth. I'm in there with some of the best cruiserweight athletes in the world, and I haven't been in the ring in many years because the WWE Universe knows me as the 205 Live General Manger, a man that wears a suit, a man that represents the best cruiserweight athletes in the world.

But what a lot of the WWE Universe don't realize is that I used to be one of the best cruiserweight athletes in the world, and still am. “I'm Drake Maverick. I got a big heart and I got a big dream, and that dream is what's going to keep me here, and I'm going to win the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship."