*Spoiler* El Hijo del Fantasma becomes Cruiserweight champion

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*Spoiler* El Hijo del Fantasma becomes Cruiserweight champion

During the last episode of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) NXT, we witnessed the final of the tournament valid for the lightweight title between the most favourite El Hijo del Fantasma and the underdog par excellence of the tournament, namely Drake Maverick.

El Hijo del Fantasma (The Ghost's Son) made its debut on the show with this tournament, passing the group stage quite easily and starting a rivalry with the masked kidnappers who repeatedly showed up in the parking lots.

For Maverick, however, the story was very different: officially fired from WWE, he decided to end his last commitment with the company, that is, this tournament. Practically winning the title should have been his last chance to stay in Stamford.

El Hijo del Fantasma becomes Cruiserweight champion

The match between the two started with a handshake, but Fantasma immediately tried to take advantage of it with a RollUp. The little public present immediately sided with the former General Manager of 205 Live, while the masked wrestler played the heel role for the occasion.

The two battled quite equally, although Drake has always been an interesting character rather than a real athlete. In the finale, however, Maverick was having the upper hand, when the usually masked men intervened, to attack El Hijo del Fantasma.

Drake, for fear of disqualification, attacked the kidnappers outside the ring and put them on the run. This, however, cost him a lot: as soon as he returned to the square, his rival hit him with a SuperKick and closed with the Michinoku Driver, winning the tournament and the belt.

Phantom was involuntarily helped by his enemies, but he behaved like a "bad" in all respects. Where will this storyline take you? After the match, Maverick looked dejected, but on the entrance ramp he was joined by none other than the Worldwide Wrestling Federation's (WWE) Chief Operating Officer (COO), and a legendary wrestler in his own right, Triple H.

Hunter offered him a new contract and, to the delight of everyone present, the boy signed it with tears in his eyes. The episode ended like this, with a very tender moment between the former TNA/Impact Wrestling star and the Boss of the Federation of Stamford even as El Hijo del Fantasma claimed the Cruiserweight title.

This was El Hijo del Fantasma's first Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) title. The 36-year-old joined the company in 2019.