Is DIY Back Together in NXT?

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Is DIY Back Together in NXT?

In various wrestling promotions, we have seen teams break up and get back together numerous times. We have also seen former tag teams partner do extremely well in their solo careers. Some tag teams have achieved legendary status in the wrestling industry!

NXT has produced a number of very talented tag teams. One of them was DIY. Many people believe that DIY might be together after a recent NXT event. Current NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa helped his former partner Johnny Gargano defeat Aleister Black in a steel cage match recently.

After the match Gargano gave an interview backstage, where he was asked whether DIY is back together. "The question everybody's mind should be - why am I such a good guy?" Gargano said. "See what I did in there? Not only did I win but out of the kindness of my heart I absolved Aleister Black of his sins.

Man, what a good night. What a good night for Johnny Gargano. "The plan, the plan, the plan is... Johnny Gargano just beat Aleister Black in a Cage Match. A Cage Match. I did that. I beat Aleister Black. I told you all along, I am the hero at the end of the story.

Plain and simple. Johnny Wrestling." So, we do not know for sure whether DIY will be back together or not.