WWE NXT UK Future Updates

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WWE NXT UK Future Updates

It appears that the WWE NXT UK will be getting some new content soon. WWE NXT UK is a smaller WWE brand. It is not very well known in the US, but some of its stars such as Toni Storm are actually quite famous even though they don’t wrestle often in WWE.

NXT UK stars have appeared a few times on WWE TV and even during the Worlds Collide events. The events were successful for the most part. The future of the popular UK brand was up in the air for a significant amount of time.

No new content was filmed during the pandemic, which basically means that fans got nothing new for several months. Many stars were also hit with accusations from the #SpeakingOut" movement. On Monday, a mandatory conference call regarding this was going to be held.

The staff and talents were going to be involved in it.

WWE NXT UK Future Plans

PWInsider reported that the conference actually did take place. During the conference, the WWE officials were able to connect with the staff and talents.

It was reported that WWE officials told the talents and staff to get ready to return to work. WWE will be asking them to work when the time is right. Some NXT UK talents even reported on their social media accounts that they will be taking part in some tapings soon.

F4Wonline.com stated that Triple H spoke to the talents on call. He told them about the protocol regarding s*xual abuse allegations. Triple H stated that WWE will not tolerate any charges it the evidence supports it significantly.

Reports suggest that it was a kind of warning other than anything else. Reports also suggest that WWE is not making any significant changes to the brand. Reports also indicate that the WWE wants to introduce new content to the brand.

NXT UK episodes aired as specials on WWE Network. They showed old matches and compilations. The most recent addition of "Superstar Picks" featured some vignettes and promos for feuds. WWE has to far not announced any new dates for NXT UK.

we also noted that the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland has tickets on sales for the events. It is for the NXT UK "Takeover: Dublin" event. The show will take place on October 25 due to COVID-19. The NXT brand needs to stay strong as WWE wants to use NXT UK to beat AEW Dynamite.