Johnny Gargano discusses his heel turn

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Johnny Gargano discusses his heel turn

Johnny Gargano has played in the most important wrestling federations in the American independent panorama, such as Dragon Gate USA, Absolute Intense Wrestling, EVOLVE, Chikara and others, before making his WWE debut in the summer of 2015, specifically at NXT, where he has held the NXT Tag Team Championship once.

While in singles he has once won the NXT Championship and the NXT North American Championship. With the victory of the NXT Championship in 2019, Gargano became the first winner of the Triple Crown of NXT. Speaking with TV Insider yesterday, Gargano discussed his heel turn.

Johnny Gargano on his heel turn

“It’s been very interesting. It’s something I’ve been very excited about doing for a very long time. I think with everything if you do something for so long it doesn’t get boring.

But you kind of lose that creative luster. You kind of lose that spark. So having this new character and new dynamic is something I’ve really been looking forward to. I’ve put a lot of thought into it for a while. I believe it was likened to if Luke Skywalker actually shook the Emperor’s hand and joined the dark side.

It’s actually a great analogy, made by Triple H by the way. You wouldn’t think he would make a nerdy Star Wars reference, but good on him. It’s something new. It’s something fresh. It gives me a whole new canvas to paint on.

And as a performer and creative person and artist, it’s something I’m looking forward to" - Johnny Gargano said. “I think it’s way different honestly. Just for the fact you don’t get that instant reaction.

You’re not really sure if things are working or not. You’re doing things where you’re not sure going back through the curtain if something is working really well. It’s hard to know. With this platform and no fans, you can kind of play around a bit and try things out.

There is not the risk of a crowd turning or the crowd liking something. The professional wrestler in me can’t wait to have this character in front of a crowd. I never got the opportunity as this character to cut a promo in front of a crowd.

That’s something I’m really looking forward to because it’s a whole different dynamic to be able to talk in front of a live audience and get those initial reactions. For me, who has been a good guy for so long, I’m just chomping at the bit to get in front of people to be honest with you" - he added.