Mauro Ranallo Writes About Car Accident

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Mauro Ranallo Writes About Car Accident

Car accidents occur very commonly on most holidays and holiday seasons. It is sad, but it is a true fact! Sometimes, celebrities and famous personalities get involved in car accidents. Some are lucky enough to not get injured during accidents.

Others end up losing their lives, or get seriously injured. For a person working at a TV show, getting injured can actually mean the end of his/her career. Mauro Ranallo is a WWE NXT announcer and was part of car accident this Sunday.

He stated that a car lost control and crashed into his car at a very high speed. On his Instagram he released pictures from the scene of the car accident. He stated that everyone was safe, and no injury was sustained. He wrote: "An Angel was looking over me last night.

A car lost control and smashed into me at full speed. Happy to report that no one was seriously injured. I'm still in shock. I guess my work here isn't done yet. #ChristmasMiracle" Although Ranallo isn’t a wrestler, even a moderate injury could have put him on the sidelines.

Being such an integral part of NXT, NXT would have felt incomplete without him in the picture. Thankfully, we will see him perform his duties at NXT regularly as he is not at all injured.