New NXT Champion Karrion Kross needs MRI for suspected injury

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New NXT Champion Karrion Kross needs MRI for suspected injury

After taking his first ever NXT TakeOver XXX ring title on Friday Night SmackDown, Karrion Kross also came out battered from the match against former NXT Champion Keith Lee, with Triple H wanting to give the first patchy news on the state of his health.

Kross could immediately stop due to injury immediately after his first important victory and the news has not gone too well with his fans. In the long battle brought to the rings of the last special event dedicated entirely to the third roster of the McMahon federation, Karrion Kross has in fact suffered a bad shoulder injury that could leave him out for some time, with his reign as champion just started that would already be in danger.

Karrion Kross needs MRI for suspected injury

According to what was reported by the COO of the McMahon company, Triple H, in the conference call immediately following the event, the reigning champion Karrion Kross would have suffered the "separation" of a shoulder, which would have thus come out of its natural home and would have caused quite a few problems for the athlete in completing the contest.

Despite the painful injury, Karrion still managed, gritting his teeth, to complete his match, thus becoming the new absolute champion of the yellow brand, against Keith Lee. Triple H then added that an MRI will be done shortly on the NXT wrestler's battered shoulder, to see any damage the dislocation could have involved and to predict how long the athlete might be out of the picture without being able to fight.

In case the wrestler needs surgery and/or a long enough rest period, WWE and NXT General Manager William Regal will need to see what they will decide, as the third roster of the Stamford federation he certainly cannot run out of a champion right now that he needs it most.

Kross was favoring the shoulder late in the match, but he was able to finish it. Here’s hoping the injury is minor, as it would absolutely suck for him. For that matter, it would also put NXT in a tough spot creatively if their new champion his unable to wrestle for an extended period of time.

The 35-year-old Karrion Kross' real name is Kevin Kesar. He worked for a number of promotions before his arrival in WWE, including AAA and Impact Wrestling, but was never too closely associated with one particular company.

Instead, he and business/life partner Scarlett Bordeaux have combined to create one of the more entertaining brands in all of professional wrestling.