*Spoiler* Tommaso Ciampa returns to WWE NXT

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*Spoiler* Tommaso Ciampa returns to WWE NXT

In the latest episode of NXT aired tonight on USA Network, WWE has given, as often happens lately, several surprises to its fans from home, staging two returns, one of which is absolutely unexpected, with Tommaso Ciampa who has returned to be seen in a brutal way and with a former face also known to the main roster, which apparently will now continue to fight in the yellow brand of McMahon.

After the announcement last week on the return of the former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa, the fighter is back on the scene in a match against Jake Atlas, which the former absolute champion of the yellow brand managed to win quite easily and without too much fatigue.

The problem, however, came when Ciampa, once the contest was over, continued to brutally attack his opponent, even throwing him against the plexiglass that divides the audience from the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa returns to WWE NXT

Tommaso Ciampa took on Jake Atlas in his return match to the black and gold brand.

He destroyed Atlas in a hurry, but the beating wasn’t over yet. Ciampa took Atlas outside of the ring and he continued to beat him down. Ciampa threw Atlas against the plexiglass boards and then laid in a vicious knee to his skull.

After weeks of absence, even the now ex-teammate of Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, seems to have made his return to the scenes of the third roster of the Stamford company, without the thing being announced in the least. After the momentary farewell to the main roster scenes, with the boy who had been accused of harassment in the famous online movement called "Speaking Out", the former EVOLVE champion showed up again tonight at NXT, with Theory arriving to challenge Bronson Reed, while NXT talent was doing a backstage interview.

As it turns out, the new assignment roster of Seth Rollins' former henchman should therefore be NXT, with Theory returning to his first WWE engagement, probably due to the troubles he has recently involved with and that he had talked about.

a few days ago also the same Monday Night Messiah. NXT officials rushed to the ring and tried to get Ciampa to stop. They implored Ciampa that Atlas had nothing to do with him. Tommaso Ciampa finally left after nailing a DDT from the stretcher on Atlas.

This was definitely a way to put the locker room on notice. Theory and Reed had words, and then Theory ended up getting the taste slapped out of his mouth. It appears that Austin Theory is back in NXT despite Seth Rollins saying that Theory is dealing with personal issues.