*Spoiler* Karrion Kross forced to vacate WWE NXT title

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*Spoiler* Karrion Kross forced to vacate WWE NXT title

As widely seen in the main event of the last NXT TakeOver, or the XXX edition, Karrion Kross managed to defeat the former absolute champion of the yellow roster, Keith Lee, who has now officially landed on the rings of the red show on Monday Night Raw, in a contest that was open until the end and which however saw the triumph of the giant of the yellow roster of the Stamford company.

Immediately after getting their hands on the overall title of the WWE Wednesday night show, the management told its fans that they had encountered a shoulder injury to the new NXT champion, with Karrion Kross having in fact suffered a ligament tear in his shoulder already at the beginning of the match, which most likely will now have to be operated on, with the NXT champion who will therefore have to remain out of the scene for a fairly long period of time.

Precisely in the episode aired a few hours ago of NXT, the absolute champion of the WWE development brand, accompanied by his usual manager, the beautiful Scarlett, therefore had to make the title of absolute champion of the yellow roster vacant, saying that the company she could never allow him to continue to struggle with an injury like that, even if there would be no problems for him.

Karrion Kross forced to vacate WWE NXT title

Despite everything, Karrion Kross wanted to "reassure" his fans, saying that all this is just the beginning and as soon as he has fully recovered from the injury, the athlete will return to make the NXT Champion belt his own, whoever has it detained throughout the time of his absence.

Apparently, "obstacles are one of the details of the game with which very often you have to compromise", so would have said the NXT champion, with his return that is not yet expected with a certain date, but which will probably arrive at surprise, as often happens in the WWE rings, both on the main roster and on the yellow roster of NXT.

Speaking for the first time since his debut and wearing a sling, he insisted “the obstacle is the path” before vowing to return and reclaim the championship. His real-life partner and on-screen manager Scarlett Bordeaux then placed an hourglass next to the title as the pair left the arena.

Kross was initially hopeful his injury would not lead to a lengthy absence, but he did admit to ESPN that he felt immense pain as soon as the injury happened. He said: “It felt like a choir of demons screaming inside my shoulder in unison”.