WWE forced to switch NXT from Wednesdays

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WWE forced to switch NXT from Wednesdays

For about a year now, WWE has been in a real war of ratings and more, with the number 2 pro-wrestling company in America, or the All Elite Wrestling of Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks, which is owned by the Khan family.

This war was fomented by the fact that both companies offer one of their flagship programs, NXT for WWE and Dynamite for AEW, in the same time slot on American TV, although the channels that broadcast them are obviously different: USA Network and TNT.

In this war to the last viewer, both the McMahons and the Khans have had ups and downs, with the number two company on US soil, however, which has won many more battles in numbers than that of Stamford, with a "streak" which lasted several weeks and which put WWE's image in serious trouble.

WWE forced to switch NXT from Wednesdays

According to reports from numerous sources online, within the management of the Stamford company, for some time now, there has been thinking of permanently moving the programming of the WWE yellow show to a different day of the week than usual.

As confirmed by the well-known Wrestle Votes site: "In the past few months, there have been some internal discussions regarding moving NXT from Wednesday night. No imminent decisions, however, will be made or expected.

The numbers of the last two weeks will have a big impact on the decision." As we have already seen this week and as we will see in the week to come, NXT will air on Tuesday and not on Wednesday as usual, due to the shifts due to the season finale.

of the NHL, with WWE taking the plunge to experience its show on Tuesday night, in a time slot that is free of competition and could thus bring numerous other benefits to one of its most important programs of the week. Nothing is set in stone yet and nobody has been informed of any changes, though the two Super Tuesday specials (this week and next) are being seen as trial runs, despite initially being switched due to a clash with NHL playoff coverage.

One must imagine that this week's healthy viewership and 18-49 demographic figures will only strengthen USA Network's stance. This is a developing situation, so expect further updates before long. Switching ultimately seems like the right move for a brand routinely defeated by AEW in the Wednesday Night Wars, though.