*Spoiler* Finn Balor is the new NXT champion

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*Spoiler* Finn Balor is the new NXT champion

Finally NXT has its new absolute champion, after three weeks without a champion, due to the abandonment of the scenes of Karrion Kross, who had had to give up the absolute title of the yellow brand due to his shoulder injury that emerged in the match in which he had won the title against Keith Lee, with the match between Adam Cole and Finn Balor ultimately having a winner.

Last week, the General Manager of the Wednesday night show, (which in this period is airing on a Tuesday and not as usual the day after), William Regal, had launched a Fatal 4 Way match with the special stipulation of an hour long Iron Man match, to try to find once and for all a champion for his roster, with Finn Balor and Adam Cole going to battle with the other prominent NXT main eventers, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

Finn Balor is the new NXT champion

After a stalemate arising from last week's match, with all four athletes who had initially arrived at 1 equal, at the end of the contest both Balor and Cole had taken the lead, reaching 2 pinches, with time at their disposition which was however finished.

After having called a new match titled for Tuesday, William Regal had however ousted the defeated Ciampa and Gargano from the match, leaving only Balor and Cole the chance to become champion, in the match that went on air on Tuesday.

After a hard-fought contest which, according to many, was to have ended once again with a controversial ending, Finn Balor got the better of Adam Cole, thus graduating for the second time in his NXT Champion career. Unlike what many fans and insiders thought, Balor won the match in a decidedly clean way, going to take the title clearly on the leader of the Undisputed Era.

We will see now in the coming weeks who will be the first challenger to the overall title of NXT for Finn Balor. Very quickly he became the inaugural Universal champion, but he got injured that same night and took several months off to recover.

It’s fair to say he was never booked as strongly again and while he always had a role on the show, he wasn’t the top star as he was originally booked. Balor explained to CBS Sports why he decided to make his return to NXT last year.

“It was just that the workload was so heavy,” Balor said of the WWE main roster. “I worked 172 matches that year and that’s in different cities every night, so you have to add in probably an extra 50 days of travel.