*Spoiler* William Regal reveals his big WWE NXT announcements

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*Spoiler* William Regal reveals his big WWE NXT announcements

In recent years, the WWE with its NXT has accustomed us to the most disparate competitions and stipulations, with several matches and ppvs that have been brought back to life from its glorious past and that of the WCW, such as the War Games of the homonymous TakeOver or the reappearance of the In Your House brand, revised this year as a special show on the Stamford company's Wednesday night yellow roster.

Apparently, this time, the General Manager of the third roster of the McMahon-owned federation is said to have even decided to come up with a stipulation for a whole new match, with the next match that will serve to decide the n° 1 contender for the absolute title currently in the hands of Finn Balor, which will in fact be the first "Gauntlet Eliminator" match in WWE history.

As reported in the last episode of the yellow show that aired in the night, the GM of the USA Network Wednesday night show William Regal is said to have announced that next week we will have not one but two new n° 1 contenders, one in the female title and one for the absolute title of NXT, with Io Shirai and Finn Balor getting to know their future adversaries.

What immediately jumped to the eyes and ears of WWE Universe fans, however, is the bizarre stipulation that William Regal seems to have imposed on the match for the contender n° 1 for the title of Balor, with the match that will in fact be a quite particular Gauntlet match.


William Regal reveals his big WWE NXT announcements

In the stipulation introduced by William Regal, in fact, there will not be the usual entry of a new wrestler at each elimination, but every 4 minutes, another colleague will join the contest, with the only way to eliminate the opponents who will be submission or pinfall.

It seems so evident that in some situations, the ring can contain 4 or 5 wrestlers all together. At the moment, the wrestler's income to the match would not have been assigned yet, but for sure some faces that we will see in the first WWE Gauntlet Eliminator will be: Cameron Grimes, Ridge Holland, Santos Escobar, Velveteen Dream, Bronson Reed and many others.

No mention has been made at the moment for Johnny Gargano or Adam Cole, although it would make sense to think of them after participating in the one-hour Fatal 4 Way Iron Man match a few weeks ago, just valid for the NXT title.

Tommaso Ciampa, on the other hand, should be engaged in a match against Jake Atlas, so his presence in the match should not be ascertained. The Gauntlet Eliminator will see two Superstars start the match, and a new competitor will enter every 4 minutes.

The only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission. The last competitor standing will be crowned the new #1 contender for a title match with NXT Champion Finn Balor at Takeover on Sunday, October 4.